Source code for malleefowl.processes.wps_thredds

import json

from pywps import Process
from pywps import LiteralInput
from pywps import ComplexInput
from pywps import ComplexOutput
from pywps import Format, FORMATS
from import Metadata

from malleefowl import download

[docs]class ThreddsDownload(Process): def __init__(self): inputs = [ LiteralInput('url', 'URL', data_type='string', abstract="URL of the catalog.", min_occurs=1, max_occurs=1, ), ] outputs = [ ComplexOutput('output', 'Downloaded files', abstract="JSON document with list of downloaded files with file url.", as_reference=True, supported_formats=[Format('application/json')]), ] super(ThreddsDownload, self).__init__( self._handler, identifier="thredds_download", title="Download files from Thredds Catalog", version="0.5", abstract="Downloads files from Thredds Catalog and provides file list as JSON Document.", metadata=[ Metadata('Birdhouse', ''), Metadata('User Guide', ''), ], inputs=inputs, outputs=outputs, status_supported=True, store_supported=True, ) def _handler(self, request, response): def monitor(message, progress): response.update_status(message, progress) files = download.download_files_from_thredds( url=request.inputs['url'][0].data, monitor=monitor) with open('out.json', 'w') as fp: json.dump(obj=files, fp=fp, indent=4, sort_keys=True) response.outputs['output'].file = return response