Building the docs

To build the docs, grab a copy of the pavics-sdi repository on github:

git clone

This is the repository presently storing the comprehensive documentation for the PAVICS platform. Because PAVICS processes are documented using the autoprocess directive, you’ll also need to install a few other packages that contribute services for documentation to

git clone
cd flyingpigeon
git checkout pavics
make clean install
cd ..

git clone
cd malleefowl
make clean install
cd ..

git clone
cd hummingbird
make clean install
cd ..

There are other requirements (sphinx and a few extensions) that can be installed using pip in Python (2 or 3):

pip install -r requirements.txt

After installing these libraries, you should be able to build the docs without errors:

cd pavics-sdi/docs
mkdir source/_static
make html

Publishing the docs online

If you have write permissions to pavics-sdi, you can also deploy the html online. To do so for the first time, create a new directory next to the pavics-sdi directory and clone the repo into an html directory:

mkdir pavics-sdi-docs
cd pavics-sdi-docs
git clone html

Then enter html, checkout the gh-pages branch and enter some voodoo incantations:

cd html
git checkout gh-pages
git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/gh-pages  # auto-switches branches to gh-pages
rm .git/index
git clean -fdx

You’ll also need to add a .nojekyll file to make sure the stylesheets are loaded on

git add .nojekyll
git commit -m 'added .nojekyll'
git push

You should then be able to go back to pavics-sdi/docs and run make gh-pages, which will build the html docs, copy them to the pavics-sdi-docs just created and push them to the github gh-branch:

make gh-pages

For more details, see the original instructions.


pavics-sdi is also being translated to French, and it’s possible to add other languages. For example to add a German translation, run sphinx-intl from the docs/ directory with the de locale:

sphinx-intl update -p build/locale -l de

This will create a locale/de/LC_MESSAGES folder storing .po files.

Translators will then be able to edit those .po files to translate the documentation content. Once that’s done, the documentation can be compiled using:

make -e SPHINXOPTS="-D language='de'" html

A make command to build the french documentation has been created to facilitate building:

make html_fr

When the source documentation in english changes and the translation needs to be updated, run:

sphinx-intl update -p build/locale

edit the .po files and rebuild the documentation.