User and Group management

The following guide explains the management of users, groups, and permissions for the PAVICS deployment. Permissions and group settings for users both server-side and client-side and can be configured to unique deployment specifications.

As mentioned, PAVICS is built to work within POSIX and POSIX-like systems. As such, user/group management within servers running PAVICS is synonymous with conventions for user/group management in Linux and Unix systems.


Are we clarifying both within-server permissions and permissions as set within the Birds?

Adding Users and Groups to PAVICS server

Users added to the PAVICS server for the purpose of adding data or administering Bird services may need unique access privileges. Once a user has been created with useradd and groups initiatialized with groupadd group membership and privileges can be later specified with usermod and groupmod.

Begin by tunneling into the server:

ssh user@server

User and Group management for Bird services


How authorizations for services work (the concept) How to grant users access to data and services

Permissions and authorizations